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I Dont Like Anyone But Diana
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Welcome to my fan site!

Welcome to I Dont Like Anyone But Diana. Here U will find pic,bio, news and more. dont delay start checkin it out

I made this website because of one reason,Diana.She soo taltented,nice,kind and loving. i hope u enjoy this site and please e mail me if u have comments or anything else

Jan.5 2001
I added 2 new pics in the more diana pics section also i made a Holly website. Please go visit it. All u have to do is click the picture below to go to it . Thanks :)

click the picture to enter Hollyz Dream!


11/19/01: guys im sorry i havent updated this website in awhile. dont think i dont like Diana, I just forgot my password. im dumb right??? also (i no its kinda late) happy b-day Diana (now 16)!!!

Thanksgiving: Happy Thanksgiving!! I added some nice pictures of Diana. Go check out the More Diana Pics to see them.

December 20 2001
Sorry i havent updated it lately. notings really new.

Jan. 4
i added 2 new pics (thank u for the last one) and i changed the layout.



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